Things I Like — Reading as a Grown-up

I have always loved reading, the devine pleasures of losing oneself in emotions and ideas and adventures not your own. Gradually, a style entirely new has entered my reading lexicon. One¬†which juggles layers of knowing and understanding and meta-textuals — historical, cognitive and narratalogical — which, quite simply, feels like dancing with a talented partner. … Continue reading

Things I Like — Oldies

As a true member of the Oregon Trail Generation, I am expected to wax nostalgic before something is even over, and reminisce regularly about 80s pop culture staples (I do. I have. Since 1988.). But it cannot explain my undying love for old music. And not trite hipster Johnny Cash effusions and LPs, but plain … Continue reading

Things I Like — Long Walks

Is there any feeling more delicious than taking a long, leisurely stroll and watching the world, or the woods, or the surf flicker by? Well, yes. The bit where you get home from said walk. You take off your shoes, stretch out on something soft, and have a tasty snack; feeling refreshed with a smidgen … Continue reading

Things I Like — Rain

Many poets have written of its smells and texture and taste. So much so I can feel it even now in this chair. I love every type, from mizzling damp dust to torrential waterfalls, flexing their crackling power overhead. I love the coziness of indoor refuge and retreat. I love the pounding aliveness of getting … Continue reading

Things I Like — Gardens

Last night I was browsing online garden catalogues. Even pixelated pictures of plants make me happy. There is something hopeful and promising about the rows and columns of flourishing foliage. You too can be host to such splendour! they say. But I can’t. I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever had, some in record time. I … Continue reading

Things I Like — Free Museums

Public spaces are meant for sharing. Sharing knowledge and ideas and artefacts. Of who we are, of what came before. Places for asking questions more than finding answers, and exploring uncomfortable things unencumbered and unafraid. I like the old fashioned traditions of hallowed halls and atria, places full of light and cool marble and a … Continue reading

Things I Like — Early Mornings

The space between dawn and Doing Things is exquisite. Same with a toddler. Post-nap snuggles are particularly precious. You know what screaming and banging are to come when they remember their faculties. Here, in the liminal place, you can both just be soft. I don’t like to talk in the morning, will actively avoid people. … Continue reading

Things I Like — Dappling

Dappled things speak of peace. The warm flank of a milkcow. The fuzzy mottle of a black and white bunny. The mix-and-mingle of light and shadow streaming through an apple tree in full bloom. My favorite: the shimmer of refraction skirting a pool floor or sand bar, twisting tendrils of brightness against the cool depths. … Continue reading

Things I Like

I sat on a broken piece of seawall this afternoon pondering the universe and sailboats. These little moments of peaceful contentment are possibly the best thing about being alive. Why else do we spend all our time trying to attain inner peace and be happy and make room for doing nothing with all the busyness … Continue reading