Travel Tuesday: New York City

Travel Tuesdays: where I can look fondly at wonderful places, people and journeys while we prepare for the exciting adventure ahead… A quick one this week as we are on the road (oh the delights of Kent and Sussex!) … and an important one I think, because this is a vintage postcard from somewhere I … Continue reading

Travel Tuesday: Amsterdam

When I think of Amsterdam I usually think of its airport. I’ve been in it more than a dozen times and it’s hands down my favourite airport (though Charles de Gaulle’s atrium inspired terminals give it a run for its money artistically). It has a stunning fireplace and grand piano lounge. And a library. And … Continue reading

Travel Tuesday: Santorini

I once spent a few weeks backpacking in the Greek Islands. It was utterly blissful. Or I remember it as blissful anyway. My foggy, wistful brain likes to leave out the bits where we tried to sleep on the deck of an overnight ferry full of partiers and hounded by sub-zero sea breezes. The part … Continue reading

Travel Tuesday

The new house is finally taking shape. And by taking shape I mean the walls are no longer bare. I don’t know about you, but the powdery deadspace of cheap white walls leave me cold. So at the weekend we hung pictures. Paintings done by Bean’s sister. Vintage opera posters I’ve been hoarding. A pair … Continue reading

Flashback: 2003

A decade ago I was living in a basement apartment, sleeping in a windowless bedroom-cum-cupboard; the through-path between my flatmate’s bedroom and the living room. My family referred to it as The Troll Hole with thinly veiled disgust. A decade ago I scraped together rent for this palace by working 3 jobs, including the graveyard … Continue reading

Thirty Things bid farewell.

I have not done all of my 30 Things. Not the way I promised, anyway. I did not go on the computer [except for work] for days and days, but that’s not the same as unplugged. I have almost entirely altered my diet, but not in the way I originally envisioned. I have complimented all … Continue reading

Brunch in our house

An actual conversation: How about I make you breakfast in bed — would you like a fried egg and toast? Ooh. Yes please… can I have my toast cut into little triangles? Sure, Triangle of my Heart. I am bit obtuse sometimes. Nah, you’re a-cute love. Well that makes us equilateral then.

Par Avion take flight

I have to come clean. I’ve been harbouring a secret. And in the world of full-frontal bloggery, that’s tantamount to sin. I mean, what is a blog if not a license to read and judge a total stranger’s faceless life? So I’ll start at the beginning. * A million years ago, I resolved to do … Continue reading