Extra Credit: The Cameo Double Bill

Edinburgh is awash with indy film opportunities. It’s the sort of thing we often take for granted. The old and lovely Cameo Cinema is one of my favourite irregular haunts. Sure the bathrooms are crap and the popcorn is stale, but it has a lovely old-school vibe. Not great for blockbusters or 3D, but a … Continue reading


I’m still getting used to the idea of 2012. You see, I’ve promised myself that so much will happen this year. It’s going to be mega. Intimidating even. So, on this dreary rainy morning I’m looking back. I can’t believe how much I did last year. No wonder I was so freaking tired. This brief … Continue reading


You know those howling, windy nights where it’s too dark to be boisterous yet the wilderness agitates your soul? The sort that need roaring fires and poetry read aloud and are pierced with bright, shining stars? I love them. I love the freedom they give. I love their unbridled daydreams and Bronte-esque emotions. And if … Continue reading

Be by the sea. On Cramond Island

I love the sea. Always have, always will. It’s in my blood. My grandpa used to joke that my family is part-selkie. Sometimes I half believe him. More than a few weeks without a shoreline and I get a little stir crazy. So, as one of my thirty things for being 30, I’ve promised myself … Continue reading

Poll: Where in the World?

I won plane tickets from bmi – anywhere they fly. I’ll tell you all about it over here. So the big question is…

bmi #150ticketgiveaway

<<<Go straight to the poll>>> So I’m not one for advert blogging, but this is story is worth sharing. bmi are [have been] giving away free flights. Yesterday, on their social media pages, they released clues about certain locations across Belfast and Edinburgh [I think they’re also doing Manchester and London later, too]. In short: … Continue reading

Festive Food & Drink

So I know December is so totally over. But life is busy. [What?! you say. BUSY?! you say. well, it is. I’m busy organising this kettle of fish if you must know] Without further ado, Homemade Christmas, the next installment. Almost all of our gifts included some element of edibles. Here is a selection: fruit … Continue reading

a new photo.

Edinburgh’s downsides

Culture shock is an odd thing. Especially when travelling between places I know so well. Indeed, the places that have shaped me. Usually I come back thrilled to be somewhere so cultured. So liberal. I miss candy corn and graham crackers and thank my stars tv has so few commercials. This time? Not so much. … Continue reading


The first Kitchen Victory of 2012. I’d show you pictures, but there is nothing left to see. One of my ambitions for the new year is to let loose a little. In the kitchen, and in life. So, experimentation and free-stylin’ bakery goodness are on the agenda. Today’s result? Imagine the union between an oatmeal … Continue reading