The Purge

In a couple of weeks I will live in the New House. (Can we say “Yay!”?) Of course, in Edinburgh, new is a relative term. The New Town was designed in the 18th Century. The University’s New College is the quintessential example of the Victorian gothic-revival. And my New House is far away from both. … Continue reading

GiftED – paper sculptures on the road

If you troll about the literary world, you may have heard of Edinburgh’s mysterious sculptures, their delicate carvings found anonymously gifted to libraries and museums. (I briefly mused on the escapades at the time) The beauties were found stashed around cultural venues last year, leaving the city and the literatti abuzz with speculation. Who could … Continue reading


I love family. I love Bean. I love leaves and travel and the sea. I know this. You know this. As I sit in a dark, cold house looking out at a grey, blustery day, I am thankful for the bread in the oven, and the hands that have learned to make it. I am … Continue reading

A Delectable, Decadent Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that gets better with age. As its very foundation is nostalgic (and like many good stories, tinged with dubious historical accuracy), this feels fitting. I have indoctrinated a vast swathe of Europeans to concept, and now I know of at least two satellite Thanksgivings hosted by friends and family … Continue reading

Our weekend

Houseguests, and a cameo by the remixed, punk Julia Child. Too much Tom Cruise; (never) too much bacon. Bright coloured leaves below dull, dead skies. A mountain of paperwork countered by a mound of cookies. The quiet, small Monday that reminds you of everything and promises nothing. Hurrah.    

Election 2012

For the first time in almost a decade, I pulled an all-nighter. I don’t always stay up to watch live election coverage, but as I contemplate starting a new life back in my home country again, I guess I felt particularly invested. I have no interest in talking about my views, nor do I have … Continue reading

Squash, the king of the season

The leaves are turning. The mornings are misty. I can see my breath when I sit in the window. …and I definitely have soup on the brain. This week, I bring you something sweet, but with bite. Something soft and romantic, with a hint of fiery passion. This is made for sharing on long, lazy … Continue reading

Night of the Dead

Th older I get the more seasonal my life becomes. The perfect Florida orange in January, the first frosty morning requiring wool socks — it’s these transitions and moments that measure out my years. Witnessing the changing patterns of the planet and the movement of the light mark time in ways more profound than clocks … Continue reading