You know those times where you are so busy just the thought of adding to the To Do list feels heavy? Where you wake up already feeling late? And spend a fortune on chai lattes and taxis to fit in every last ounce of day? Well, I have that. It’s become something chronic. I don’t … Continue reading

Imminent Return

Hello you. I know it’s been a couple of weeks of radio silence. I hardly have time to think let alone blog. But the horizon is in view and we’ll be back to our normally scheduled ramblings about french toast, frostbite, and far away places soon. In the meantime I have fifteen minutes of a … Continue reading

Things I’m Loving

Last year I wrote a weird and wonderful round-up of things on my radar, and it consistently ranks among the favourite pages on this here Log. So I thought it was time to unveil the innerworkings of my Spring 2013. Et voila… I. THINGS THAT MAKE ME THINK Award season sees the worlds of media, … Continue reading


When I walk down our very long street on my way home from work,  I first pass grocery stores and bus stops which eventually blur into Victorian tenement buildings and small businesses. Walk further along and the other end peters out into vine covered bay windows, rose gardens and a huge wildlife preserve. I find … Continue reading

Travel Tuesday: Venice

  Venice. You’ve seen it in the movies: marbled ballrooms, grand canal boats, Harry’s Bar. It’s a place of beauty and magic and wonder. Ancient mystery and quintessential glamor romantically crumble into the sea. Gilded balconies and rustic window boxes tower in ever lane, filling the city with color and life. Those famous winding waterways … Continue reading

A smattering of things

Do you ever have those days where you wake up foreboding some unknown trouble? Despite a whole week of sunshine, enough sleep (for once) and the first faint whiff of Spring, today I was up at dawn on a professional-grade worry streak. So I’m calling time out. No doctor’s anxiety. No weekend overtime. No wedding … Continue reading