The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Have you seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? This show is AMAZING (and I don’t use caps lightly). Now if I gave you the 30 second pitch normally ascribed to such projects, you may rightly balk: a modern Pride and Prejudice adaptation told through video blogs and social media. (The website is also quite hideous.) But … Continue reading

Weddings: An open letter to no one

Dear World, So like most dutifully brainwashed middle-class brides-to-be, after he put a ring on it I bought a wedding magazine, put a million oh-so-casual pictures of mason jars and burlap on my Pinterest, and started dreaming about tablescapes. And then? And then I woke up. Somewhere in the middle of hearing I would probably … Continue reading

Burns and other legends

If I were to describe the delicious, wonderful, humble sausage — all juicy and tender and flavoursome — as a pig’s grissle-bits stuffed in its own intestine, you would probably curl your lip and shudder slightly. Likewise, if you ever give serious thought to deep-fried chicken livers or steak and kidney pie, noses would wrinkle … Continue reading

Newness Abounds

It is a shiny New Year, and one that is already jam-packed full of adventure. [Warning: since I cannot construct a sentence to save my life today and frankly, I have some furniture which needs sanding, this is less of a poetical post and more a list of rambling nothings.] We are firmly ensconced in … Continue reading