Blissful Brownies, Life’s Necessary Luxury

Hypothetically, if One woke up one dreary grey Tuesday morning to find life populated with heavy-duty cramps a messy house unfinished Christmas projects a pile of chores a looming work deadline and six eggs that were about to go off One could quite understandably take this last issue as the most pressing item on the … Continue reading

Date Night (or, Free Movies on the Internet)

We’ve had a crazy few months. What with all the travel we’ve been doing and then spending our spare moments beavering away at Homemade Christmas. We’ve hardly had a minute to breathe. So, in an effort to reclaim our lives, last night was Date Night. No chores. No Christmas. No planning or futures or budgets. … Continue reading

Kitchen Catastrophes

Let me tell you a story. Not that long ago, I couldn’t cook. Not a jot. In college I once tried to bake a potato in the microwave. I didn’t even poke holes in it. I was truly culinarily challenged. There is still an infamous night, not as long ago as I’d want to admit, … Continue reading

Homemade Christmas

Can I just tell you how excited I am for Homemade Christmas? Sure, it’s because we’re poor. Sure, I’ve had at least two major meltdowns, blubbering about how my crafting skills are not up to the task and will not adequately convey my love. I’m over it. I’m excited. It’s been a month of brewed, … Continue reading

Homemade Christmas: Cookies

Today was the first morning of winter. I know this because it’s the first time this season I’ve felt the overwhelming need to lean out of bed, grab my clothes and shove them down under the duvet. It’s like warm socks from the drier, but a full-body experience. In a word, awesome. It also gave … Continue reading

Homemade Christmas Part I: Snowflakes

While Scotland is wild, blustery, wet and cold, there is almost never snow*. So, Homemade Christmas 2011 started with making our own. The recipe: paper, scissors and some simple geometry (don’t cringe).

Shelley in Edinburgh

I live in a city built on books. It comes with many glorious perks. But how did I only find out today, exactly 7 years and 3 months after I arrived, that Percy Bysshe Shelly shacked up with an under-age minor [with whom he was eloping], a certain Harriet Westbrooke, in a flat on George … Continue reading

Homemade Christmas is Coming

…and it is starting to look delicious. I’d tell you all about it, but it’d ruin the surprise. More anon festive revellers.  Watch this space.

Thirty Things Update II

I have been remiss. I started this blog to ostensiby track my Thirty Things for Thirty Years project. I’m just over six months in, which by my reckoning means the sand in the hourglass has gone down by a third. I haven’t mentioned anything about this whole shebang in ages, what with international travel and … Continue reading