The Hunger Games

You know that band you listened to waaaaay before they were popular? And how then one summer, everyone else suddenly jumped on the bandwagon? In the blink of an eye your band is played on every station, and everyone you know is professing how AMAZING they are. And maybe you have this righteous, little feeling of … Continue reading

The Ultimate American

Any college student’s semester-abroad blog will acquaint you with the funny words, confusing idioms and quaintness that surrounds much of British culture. Ooh – wellies! Hehe – lorry! Oh the biscuit-cookie confusion, and chip-crisp conundrum. How delightful. I make light, but there are subtle linguistic differences I still haven’t fathomed after eight years. The culture … Continue reading

The Gardens

The garden is absolutely the best thing about our house. It’s a shared garden – a football shaped greenspace created in the hollow between two concave crescent roads, accessible by application to the inimitable (and slightly absurd) Garden Committee. I’d much prefer a backyard of my own, but in this city I’m willing to take … Continue reading

The Perfect Bagel

I cannot profess to have made the perfect bagel. Not yet, anyway. But these were pretty damn fine if I do say so myself. Making them from scratch was easier than I expected and the results, while imperfect, have made every store bought bagel seem a pale reflection. Honestly. They taste like nothing else. So … Continue reading

Roger M Jones Fellowship

Did I ever tell you the story of how I moved to Edinburgh? The short version goes something like this: Once upon a time, Sara was a college student in the grips of terrible ennui. Her chosen major was not shaping up as she expected. Life ahead seemed terrifyingly uncertain. Her freetime was consumed with … Continue reading


I am trying out a new format – as you will doubtlessly be aware when you clap eyes on the homepage. It’s an experiement in digital spring cleaning. I am still undecided, but as it’s a work in progress that suits me fine.

International Women’s Day: Hard as Nails

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. So while I am not into soapboxing most days [for fear I’d never get back off once I’ve begun], I did celebrate a little. How, you ask? By visiting a pop-up Hard as Nails feminist nail bar of course! A quick (and nominally political) manicure, a lot of lovely chat … Continue reading

Red Velvet Cake

We like unconventional traditions in our house. They break things up and add spice to our everyday. Every year for our birthdays, we do two things: One is our birthday getaway which I mentioned already, and the other is cake. I know, I know. Birthday cakes are totally old news. But since we started dating, … Continue reading

Swingsets are for Grown-ups too

The tiniest whiff of spring has been gaining traction in these parts – and for my part, it seems to have come before it’s time. I can’t remember ever being caught off guard by sunlight like this. It’s a little unnerving. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.There is something rather pleasant about a shocking arrival … Continue reading