The Other Olympics

I have a confession. I was always one of those people who thought of the Paralympics as a ultra-PC also-ran: a  really, nice, encouraging thing, ultimately defined by disability and limitation and therefore not as interesting as real sports. I have another confession. I was an idiot. Saying the Paralympics are just the Olympics with … Continue reading

Light Travels in August

I am currently in Kyrgyzstan – midway through my three-legged August. First, we went to an island in the English Channel for some Shakespeare. It’s a National Trust property, and an excellently English summer evening. Adorable. By the time you are reading this, I am probably camping with sheep some 4,000 miles above sea-level. Google … Continue reading

Bon Voyages…

This weekend my grandmother left the world as we know it. And in her brilliantly stubborn way, she did so exactly like she would have chosen to do so: In her house, with her nails done and with all of her family laughing and telling stories in the kitchen. It went very quickly, too quickly … Continue reading

Test Run

So I’ve finally bought a real camera. The kind with a really long name and a giant lens. Hopefully it will help me capture my journey through Kyrgyzstan better than the average Blackberry. Based on today’s initial test run, I have a lot to learn… Lesson I: Focus               … Continue reading