Things that are True

Yes, True with a capital T.

I keep thinking I should have a profile or bio or something. But to be honest, I haven’t a clue where to start.

So, I figure I’ll answer interesting questions I collect.

Have you got one?


Would you rather be attacked by a lion-sized hedgehog or a hundred-hedgehog sized lions?


One big one, obviously. Rip that band-aid off. And then tame it like a bucking bronco and ride off into the sunset together.



There are two types of people in the world, how would you define them [today, you can change your mind on this one]?


Those that want to see beautiful things and take exquisite photos, and those that want to feel the freezing rain and cry at the fleeting nature of lightening.

4 Responses to “Things that are True”
  1. Sarah Keane says:

    Hi.. I’ve started to write a book and I was meditating this morning about it and ‘que sera’ started to repeat in my mind.. I googled it and found your site – its lovely 🙂 I don’t think you could pick a better project.. anyway take care.
    Another Sarah


  2. greg says:

    Premise: You must spend the next 5 years on a south pacific desert island. All your basic needs will be met (medical,food, water , shelter,batteries etc..).

    No internet…no cell service…no mail…no pcs…no ipods…no book readers

    Q: What one work of fiction, one compact disc(you have an old school Discman and lots of batteries), one piece of art, one photograph, one personal item, one movie on dvd, and one tv series /one season (also have a batt. operated dvd player)….???


    • serasara says:

      That is quite tough. I know the CD needs to have lyics – I would want to hear voices, and the art would probably be sculpture, I’d want something to hold, but otherwise I’m stumped. Let me sleep on it. What would you answer?


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