The Bolshoi Ballet : Raymonda

Last week, I saw the Bolshoi Ballet. Alas, I was not in Moscow, though I’d have loved to see the theatre’s resplendent renovation in person. (You can watch a video about the refurb and get a sneak peek of the venue here. Hint: gold foil mixed with vodka!) Instead, I trekked to my local indy … Continue reading

“Uh-oh. This is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad…”

When I was 5, my mom’s sister came to visit. My mom was so excited. I think they talked non-stop for days. “Take your sister and go play upstairs” my mom ordered. I guess they were talking about grown-up things. On this less than inspiring afternoon, we rummaged in the art supplies. Did you ever … Continue reading

Monster Cookies

Let’s be honest. I am no food blogger. I am too excited about eating my concoctions to stop and take nice photos. As curses go, it could be much worse. BUT, today, despite their hideousness, I feel compelled to share my latest baking adventure. After all, it’s okay if Monster cookies are a little, well, … Continue reading

Business, the Sara Grady way

I recently went out to lunch with one of my favourite clients. They are interesting, clever people who think creatively and dream big; an excellent mix for working relationships and delightful luncheons. It was ostensibly a debrief and wrap-up of our last collaboration, and (other than good company) they furnished me with two delightful things. … Continue reading

Love in a Library

Lots of people aren’t into Opera. I get it. I do. The endlessly long running times. The ridiculous daytime-tv-worthy plots. The repetitive subtitles. There is a lot to put a gal off. BUT, hear me out.   Imagine you are sitting in a sunny library. A quiet space full of potential. A kind-eyed librarian gently … Continue reading

Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Yesterday over breakfast canapes and clinking glasses the Edinburgh International Book Festival launched the 2012 programme. One of the highlights of the city’s summer festivals, a gamut of writers, thinkers and philosophers descend on Charlotte Square for almost three weeks of creativity and debate. This year’s line-up echoes the now-standard festival motifs: best-selling writers, big … Continue reading


Today I do not want to be chained to my laptop. I definitely don’t want to be sitting in my cold, damp, North-facing front room to work on budgets and research proposals. I want sunshine and laughter and a day off. But work is work, and deadlines are deadlines, so, I create a makeshift desk from … Continue reading

A busy week in Edinburgh

I won’t be writing much this week. Summer’s cultural season is at full tilt (despite the inclement weather), so I’ll mostly be on the road. In case you’d like to get on board with some of Edinburgh’s exciting offering, here’s a selection of activities to try: <br> Leith Festival This gem runs all week, with … Continue reading

Kyrgyz Ahoy!

So remember how I won those plane tickets? Thanks to those of you who voted in the poll, Marrakesh was the firm favourite. I regret to inform you however, dear readers, that your choice has been disregarded. After all, I won TWO tickets, and I think my partner-in-crime deserved the trump vote. You see, I … Continue reading

Scotland’s National Portrait Gallery, reimagined

  I once briefly mentioned the deliciously anticipated reopening of the National Portrait Gallery, part of the National Galleries of Scotland. It’s been open six months and every time I’ve been in, the physical changes reinforce a new, surprising space in which a National institution supports a public engagement with art. The traditional tenements of … Continue reading