Holiday Gifts: off the beaten track

‘Tis the season, folks! I absolutely love gift giving. I love it hard. And as a self-styled Gift Goddess I proclaim here and now the best presents aren’t about the pricetag. If I were to choose favorites among those generously bestowed on me over the years —  how crass! —  they’d be evenly split between … Continue reading

Frozen: a blast from the past

So here’s the thing: I really, really like Disney movies. I like the adventures, I like the songs. I like the swishy dresses, slapstick sidekicks and saccharine endings. I like them the way I like junk food or politicians — in small quantities, tempered by reality, and without looking too closely at the fine print … Continue reading

Michigan’s Winter Wonderland

All of a sudden winter is here. Last week we took a break from life-altering debates and financial planning to explore northern Michigan. And on a whim, Bean decided it was high time we saw the UP. What’s that you say? What in heavens name is the UP? The UP is Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to … Continue reading