Things I Learned Today

When I was kid, we’d sit down to dinner and my dad would ask me What did you learn at school today? When closing up my pop-up dining table office, I often ask myself the same question. Habit I guess. Today was a day for research and scoping at work, and domesticated nothings at home. … Continue reading


As Scotland debates its independence, everyone and their mother is chiming in.  A staggering array of eloquence, passion, and style whirl in amongst predictable bouts of petty, political jostling and stereotyping. I continue to debate my place here, too, though for unrelated related reasons. These Edinburgh days are numbered, and nostalgia and excitement vie for … Continue reading

In flux

Sometimes I really want the world to stop spinning. The simultaneous house hunting, job hunting, and wedding planning is both the best and worst decision I may have ever made. I am excited and thrilled to be striking out into our new life, building the future we want, together. Starting it right now, and for … Continue reading

Culzean Castle

When Bean moved jobs last summer, his colleagues gave him membership to the National Trust for Scotland as a parting gift. Every property in their care from castles and gardens to ruins and abbeys is now free for us to visit as often as we like for a whole year. We’ve explored the properties close … Continue reading

Endings & Starts

Do  you ever wonder what life would be like if things were different? I don’t mean if Hitler hadn’t been born, or if Superman had landed in the USSR instead (though that is a fascinating idea, Mr Millar…); I mean everyday things. Life is built on such a mountain of happenstance. What if I hadn’t … Continue reading

Comfort Soup for cold Autumn evenings

You know those days where it never stops raining? That first morning of autumn where your alarm goes off and it’s still dark outside? When the day ahead of you is filled with investments and contracts and not nearly enough Unicorns? Those days require autumnal fortitude. And Jimmy Stewart. Possibly also a killer peacoat and … Continue reading

Sometimes I get ahead of myself. I get so excited at the prospect of something that my imagination runs away with it as if it was certainty. It doesn’t always bode well. Be in the here and now, Sara. You can only live one of these outcomes anyway, don’t waste all the time in-between trying … Continue reading

Thirty: My decade of being late.

So I’ve been pretty terrible at the whole Thirty Things malarkey. I’m not super fussed, mostly because it’s got me blogging again and brough lots of other adventures and stories my way. [Plus, I am secretly rather gleeful that I am shedding my hyper-retentive OCD list abiding ways. It was exhuasting.] And I haven’t done … Continue reading

Boy Meets Girl

My grandmother was big on old fashioned romance. When she was ill, I sent her this to cheer her up. Now I feel like telling you. Sometimes the world hands you the most unexpected gifts. So you jump in with both feet and see where it takes you. Once upon a time, a girl was … Continue reading

Starry : A Tale of Two Nights

One night, I walked the dry river bed out across the desert and to the water’s edge. During the day it is a popular draw in the region, full of locals and tourists; now it is completely empty. The flicker of a bonfire miles away is the only sign of human habitation. I slip into … Continue reading