In the arena, I’m still young at heart

Between the ages of 9 and 14 I spent an inordinate amount of time following the American Women’s Gymnastics team. I would buy magazines with babysitting money, purely because they featured some “day-in-the-life” story of one of the Olympic hopefuls of my youth. I quietly obsessed about those girls the way other kids knew famous … Continue reading

All the (Olympic) Bells

The Olympics are coming! Sure. You are skeptical of my enthusiasm. I get it. There has been much criticism, confusion and downright buffoonery in the lead up the games. I mean, a rights monopoly on all potato-based sticks in the area is a very odd battle ground no matter where you live. And drivers getting … Continue reading

The Virgin Money Lounge

I sometimes wonder if Richard Branson is the UK’s very own Donald Trump, admittedly with a savvy, edgier, Baby Boomer vibe. The red lacquered signage has splashed its way into almost every major industry. It is an Empire. Of records, and books, and phones, and cable tv – including the long-awaited UK launch of TiVo. … Continue reading

Things I Love

It’s raining cats and dogs. Again. They say it’s the worst summer on record (and the Queen’s Garden Party was definitely a damp squib). The wet weather has drowned a large portion of puffin hatchlings, wiped out the breeding season for the already struggling butterfly population, and hit farmers hard. The season of bounty this … Continue reading

The Art of Choosing

Sheena Iyengar’s study, The Art of Choosing, is a thought-provoking work. Taking in theories of economics, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and even politics, it asks in no uncertain terms ‘What is Choice, and why does it matter?’. Choice, she argues, is a tool and a langauge. Choice is an act, not an outcome, and thus an … Continue reading


Once, a friend an I were talking about flowers. “You’re a dandelion.” At the time I wasn’t sure how to take this remark. Dandelions are incessant, unwanted weeds which stain your clothes and plague Suburbanites the world over. On reflection, however, dandelions persevere in the most unlikely of situations. Their delicate, downy heads may seem … Continue reading

I Capture the Castle

This is one of those books I’ve always meant to read. Working in a children’s bookshop once upon a time, it was a go-to favourite for many of my colleagues. In the world of British kids lit it’s legendary, and I believe it is the sort of coming-of-age novel that’s as valuable and valid at … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, America

I stand in my kitchen, stirring fresh lemonade with a wooden spoon. I sing cheesy Americana anthems in my acoustically perfect bathroom.     I read State by State and remember the smells of home and the dusty charms of the Midwest.     Maybe you make flag-themed foods. Or opt into a pick-up game. … Continue reading

Digital Storytelling (Amb:IT:ion)

Amb:IT:ion is dedicated to enabling, inspiring, and implementing digital creativity in Scotland. From workshops to funding streams, the initiative aims to support arts and cultural bodies to make the most of their digital presence, and think outside the box to be competitive and creative in their digital strategies. One of their recent activities explored Digital … Continue reading

Independence Day: or how to roast a chicken

It’s almost the 4th of July. One of my favourite holidays, and yet another opportunity to subject my ex-pat acquaintance to a good dousing of Americana. This year, I heartily recommend blending two of America’s best culinary clich├ęs (preferably while humming patriotic anthems): barbecuing large quantities of meat, and using an eclectic spice fusion reminiscent … Continue reading