Monachyle Mhor

My birthday and Bean’s sit in very close proximity. So over the years we have developed birthday traditions which have merged our individual days into more of a week-long celebration. Since neither of is in need of any more stuff, probably ever, we usually go away on a little mini-break. Once, we went to Hadrian’s … Continue reading

birthday surprise

Woke up to sunshine and breakfast in bed, and this: A giant, mystery box of stripy cheer! Upon opening out popped these My mother-in-law is the perfect mix of silly, goofy and sentimental. ps, turns out balloons are just as fun in my thirties as they were when I first hit double digits.


This weekend I am going to be 30. I’m ticking along with my Thirty Things [though I am direly behind in writing about them], which seems like resolution enough event for me. Generally I am really proud of the direction life is taking, even when it’s unexpected. Serendipitous even. So it’s time to celebrate the … Continue reading

How NOT To Make Pie

“easy as pie” they always say. As if. Pie, as it turns out, it no easier (or more difficult) than any other baking. I should know. I can make bagels and fry churros and bake the meanest cornbread you’ve ever eaten. But this year, I decided to attempt the unknown and bake a down-home, domesticated … Continue reading

Jean Simmons

I am not known for my strict adherance to the OED version of the English language. In fact, I enjoy a rather cavelier attitde to my native tonuge, as you may have surmised. Which I like to pretend is a decent excuse for mixing words up all the time. Things that sound similar or remind … Continue reading

Beautiful Things (& anthropologie)

Can I tell you something? I’ve never really been into shopping. Mall lighting makes me uncomfortable, and I’m too lazy to put on or take off my clothes more than once a day. Plus, it’s taken me 30 years to make peace with my ever-changing body. To flaunt it around or subject it to (even … Continue reading

funny thing, language

I make no bones about it, this post is really about Little Women. The All-American girlhood classic, which actually isn’t nearly as good as you remember. Trust me. Every other word is religiously pious and boring. I’m pretty sure it’s only survived in the hearts and minds of America’s feminine youth for so long for … Continue reading

Cosy Winter Goodness

Can we talk about healthy? Feeling healthy is great. I am a preaching convert, always harping on about a life of fresh skin, enough sleep and lots of vitamins. Your grandmother was right about this, as with so many things. However, eating healthy to the point you feel deprived and crabby is just not worth … Continue reading