Annabel Lee & a plate

Fall is in full swing round these parts. Something about autumn feels super crafty and homespun and charmingly rustic. If there were orchards, I’d be pickin’ and bobbin’ with the best of them. Sadly, there are not. No home-made candy apples for me this year. Instead, with a relatively free afternoon, I decided to do … Continue reading


It is that wonderful sort of autumnal day that reminds me of tailgating. Sunny. Blustery. On that tantalizing line between mild enough for a cardigan and cold enough for a jacket. Early autumn is quite possibly my favourite time of year. It’s full of promises that are not yet come to fruition – the bite … Continue reading

Pimp That Snack! (or Pop Tarts: Go Big or Go Home)

In an effort to complete Thirty Things #20, I have become rather adventurous in the kitchen. Bean has weathered it magnanimously – but then, when I get antsy of an evening and bustle about for a while, emerging shortly thereafter con pie who wouldn’t? I must say my first attempt at pie reaffirmed the proverbial … Continue reading

Domestic Pleasantries

Number 14? Check & check. Someday I will showcase my (tiny, but growing) rummage sale china collection, but not today. Today all that matters is that I breakfasted in the by window, watching the leaves turn. I ate homemade walnut bread. Off of Martha Stewart’s Wedgwood. I drank fresh orange juice. From a wine glass. … Continue reading

Coveting Cookery

I have many things I should be doing but today I am revelling in beautiful things. Reminding myself of the good stuff. Restocking my internal store. It involves much eye candy and daydreaming, which usually falls into one of the following categories: dishes housewares stationary dresses shoes books Today , it has included rather drool … Continue reading

Bookish Things

We are back home. I have indeed ticked another one off my list of Thirty Things, but I’ll tell you about that another time. Today is for two of my favourite things: books and lists. As the launch of BookTalk is imminent, they linked to a GoodReads list about books. I almost never use my … Continue reading