The Salon Project: Anticipation

The Salon Project was the most interesting performance I’ve experienced in years. It had about as much to do with traditional theater as parkour does with ballet. Maverick, enticing and entirely topsy-turvy, the evening was devised to explore and interpret the Parisian Salon culture of the late 19th & early 20th Centuries. Learned, liberal folk … Continue reading

Sara’s Bakery

Autumn always means a hunkering down in my world; a little domesticity and coziness as the evenings lengthen and the light fades. In the last month I have possibly done more baking than I have in all the rest of the year put together. Let’s pretend it’s practice for Christmas instead of a sugary-carb overload … Continue reading

Bundles of Joy ( & Thirty Things #9)

A few weeks ago, I boarded the train to London. The East Coast line between Edinburgh and the Big Smoke is one of life’s great pleasures, but on this occasion I was rather too excited to gaze fondly at the crashing North Sea or the quaint clusters of Northumbrian sheep. I was en route to … Continue reading

Extra Credit: Whales

I love whales. Seriously. For me they hold a natural affinity, one which other (possibly sane) people often reserve for primates. There is something eternal and wise, ancient and prescient about the beasts from the deep. It may sound silly, but somehow, they seem to sing to my soul. They didn’t always, but then my … Continue reading


Change is afoot in the Bean House, but that’s a story for another day. In the meantime, here is a wordcloud piece of this log, curtesdy of Tagxedo. You may have only existied for two months little one, but I like the way you are shaping up.