The first Kitchen Victory of 2012. I’d show you pictures, but there is nothing left to see. One of my ambitions for the new year is to let loose a little. In the kitchen, and in life. So, experimentation and free-stylin’ bakery goodness are on the agenda. Today’s result? Imagine the union between an oatmeal … Continue reading

Blissful Brownies, Life’s Necessary Luxury

Hypothetically, if One woke up one dreary grey Tuesday morning to find life populated with heavy-duty cramps a messy house unfinished Christmas projects a pile of chores a looming work deadline and six eggs that were about to go off One could quite understandably take this last issue as the most pressing item on the … Continue reading

Homemade Christmas: Cookies

Today was the first morning of winter. I know this because it’s the first time this season I’ve felt the overwhelming need to lean out of bed, grab my clothes and shove them down under the duvet. It’s like warm socks from the drier, but a full-body experience. In a word, awesome. It also gave … Continue reading

Heaven feels like Pumpkin Soup

Today, I am full of holiday cheer. Holiday cheer, in case you didn’t know, is extremely buoyant. Which is terribly useful just now, considering Scotland welcomed us home with sheets of freezing rain. It’s so dark out I’m not even sure the sun rose this morning. On days like this, it’s crucial to make little … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Treats

I love any holiday revolving around food. In celebration of this truly awesome day, I’m wallowing in past delicacies and the delights yet to come. Particularly the discoveries I made in Sharjah, and a little bit of traditional feasting too. A meditation on great foods. I know what you’re thinking. Who spends a morning thinking … Continue reading

Sara’s Bakery

Autumn always means a hunkering down in my world; a little domesticity and coziness as the evenings lengthen and the light fades. In the last month I have possibly done more baking than I have in all the rest of the year put together. Let’s pretend it’s practice for Christmas instead of a sugary-carb overload … Continue reading

Pimp That Snack! (or Pop Tarts: Go Big or Go Home)

In an effort to complete Thirty Things #20, I have become rather adventurous in the kitchen. Bean has weathered it magnanimously – but then, when I get antsy of an evening and bustle about for a while, emerging shortly thereafter con pie who wouldn’t? I must say my first attempt at pie reaffirmed the proverbial … Continue reading

Domestic Pleasantries

Number 14? Check & check. Someday I will showcase my (tiny, but growing) rummage sale china collection, but not today. Today all that matters is that I breakfasted in the by window, watching the leaves turn. I ate homemade walnut bread. Off of Martha Stewart’s Wedgwood. I drank fresh orange juice. From a wine glass. … Continue reading

Jennie, I’ve got your number

When I was little, I thought I knew how to count. The numbers went 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  6  7  5  3  0  9. I was a child of the eighties. And a small enough child I didn’t know Tommy Tutone was singing about a phone number. Sigh, such innocence. (Incidentally, … Continue reading

Nostalgic Nosh

It’s an old cliché that you are what you eat. In my case, I eat what I am. If you wanted to take the temperature of any given day in my life, you could do much worse than observe my food habits. Whatever I’m putting in my mouth is probably directly correlated to how I … Continue reading