Thirty Things Update

We are going away tomorrow.

For a whole week of blissful time-out and thankfully, also some blistering sunshine.

Lord knows monsoon season in Scotland hasn’t provided us enough Vitamin D this year.

So before we leave, I thought it was time for a check-up.

How am I getting on with my Thirty Things?


Visit one city I have never been to before

We leave tomorrow…


Read eleven books I’ve always been curious about

I took a reading hiatus earlier this year. I’d been booked out at work, and needed literary resuscitation. And my has it been worth the wait. I forgot what a pleasure it can be!

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Muriel Spark. Quintessentially Edinburgh. A sense of humour (and acidity) I doubt I would have appreciated in my own youth. Perhaps it wasn’t too long on the ‘to read’ list after all, but waiting for the right time to find me. Practically perfect in every way.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Truman Capote. I’ve never seen the film. Yes, I too have the song in my head now. It is much slimmer and sharper than I imagined from the saccharine mooney-eyed college girls who hung posters of Holly like wishes – but so much the better for it. I hope I get the chance to read the other novellas.
The Arrival, Shaun Tan. Shaun is without a doubt one of my favourite people. He is lovely and kind and extremely talented. His work makes my heart sing and more often than not, I find myself crying. I had the honour of chairing him at the Edinburgh International Book Festival last week, which was a delight.
If you don’t know his work, honestly, you are missing something beautiful. This book lived up to all my expectations and is the sort of work I long to linger over with tender fingers and soft eyes.
Here is a trailer to the Oscar-winning short he directed based on one of his picture books. The Arrival is nothing like this, except equally textured and somehow familiar in its surreal humanity.
Next up: The Enchanted April, Elizabeth von Arnim (the link is to a free ebook edition, if you’d like to read-a-long with me). A rather fitting holiday read I imagine, and look! In the pretty vintage fabric bound hardback, just released by Virago. Stylish and suitable. I may need the set now…


Send postcards to twelve people

Having sent some, I realise I don’t know anyone’s address. Would you like a card? Leave me a message!

Twenty Four

Create twenty four sweets and send them to someone you love

..and lots of other bits  and bobs besides, but all in good time my chicken. I have packing to do!

One Response to “Thirty Things Update”
  1. Anika says:

    Have fun on your trip!!!

    And you know I ALWAYS want a postcard! 🙂


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