Coveting Cookery

I have many things I should be doing but today I am revelling in beautiful things. Reminding myself of the good stuff. Restocking my internal store.

It involves much eye candy and daydreaming, which usually falls into one of the following categories:

  • dishes
  • housewares
  • stationary
  • dresses
  • shoes
  • books

Today , it has included rather drool worthy collection of cookbooks which I covet.

Clockwise, you’ll find:

Wholefood Kitchen, Ross Dobson

A new discovery today, in White Stuff of all places, this one is all hearty, healthy pulses. My younger self is crying at the idea of kale and lentil stew. I on the other hand am drooling.

British Baking, Peyton & Byrne

A lovely London haunt, notably the proprietors of one of my favourite places: the cafe and rooftop garden at the British Library. Their Victoria Sponge is perfect after perusing the manuscripts on display, one of my obligatory appointments every time I’m in the city.

Feast, Nigella Lawson

A delectable collection of holiday menus to celebrate life and food with the people you love. I have checked this one out of the library so many times.

Ottolenghi The Cookbook, Yotam Ottolenghi

A very lovely book from another very lovely London cafe. His twitter is deliciously tempting sometimes.

Salads, Avoca

A brilliant shop and cafe that friends introduced us to in Belfast. They have a whole range of books, this is just a sample.

Jamie’s America, Jamie Oliver

While I am usually annoyed by his petty affectations, Jamie Oliver has his plus sides.Perhaps its odd to stave off pangs of homesickness with an Essex lad’s version of southern cooking, but it works better than you’d think.

This book, broken down by regional cuisine, introduced me to Beer Butt Chicken (I’ll never roast one laying down again) and I can’t wait for ham hock to come back in season for proper red beans and rice.

Do you think I can justify some purchases in honour of


Learn to make twenty new recipes

I am highly tempted…

2 Responses to “Coveting Cookery”
  1. Anika says:

    I’ve heard WONDERFUL things about that Nigella Lawson book. And, yes, you must invest in some of these to get your twenty recipes.


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