Make Something [Festive &] Beautiful

Wait, it’s mid- November?

When did that happen?

Dearie me I am behind.

With pretty much everything.

Including all the stuff normal people do all the time.

Like wash my hair. And buy vegetables.

Oh well.

Onward and upward dear readers! [just pretend it’s a time warp I guess. that’s what I do]


Thirty Things #6.

Two down, four to go:

Yes, my version of “beautiful” may be slightly flexible.

After all, Edgar ain’t no Monet.

I’m okay with that.

I think sugar paper bats and little fold out ghosties are bloody festive,

… and our first ever adult pumpkin-carving session was not a complete disaster.

In my house, this is cause for celebration. Handy I am not.

Bean’s pumpkin [the dinosaur] grew a fuzzy inner mould that was highly attractive.

And my tree [can you see the glowing fruit? yeah, radioactive tree. it’s very cerebral. except not. at all.] managed three whole days before collapsing completely.

In the end, it looked more like a giant pumpkin raisin when our first ever Bean family trick-or-treaters arrived [who, by the way, were freaking adorable]

But these are just teething issues.

Holidays are afoot! Let us rejoice!


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