Sharjah in rearview

This trip has been positively eye-opening.

While I may leave Sharjah imminently, this experience has left me enlivened, positively brimming with exciting ideas.

Thanks so much to @rupertbu @bodour @nouranoman @kalimat_ books and the Department of Culture & Information for their hospitality and support.

Thanks to my drivers and tour guide for their wonderful insights and helpful advice.

Thanks to the posse I came with @AnnaNotKarenina @HughesPeg @hannahjmcgill @misssophiecooke and @sarasheridan for their utter awesomeness and random chat.

Thanks to new friends including  @lisadempster @100TPC @arablit @drawmedy @anitasethi and approximately a million others.

… and to everyone at Sharjah International Book Fair and throughout the city that helped make it such an amazing journey.

There are still many stories left to tell – about beautiful places, inspiring people, passionate debates and as promised, plenty of amazing new foods [wait until I tell you about the heavenly Om Ali…].

I’ll keep writing them as long as they keep wheedling away in my brain.

It may take a while to spin it all out, but I’m rather glad. Looking back on sunny Sharjah will help stave off winter’s chill a few more weeks; the perfect remedy to Edinburgh’s darkest nooks and crannies.


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