Swingsets are for Grown-ups too

The tiniest whiff of spring has been gaining traction in these parts – and for my part, it seems to have come before it’s time.

I can’t remember ever being caught off guard by sunlight like this. It’s a little unnerving.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you.There is something rather pleasant about a shocking arrival of spring. Like waking up from an unexpected nap.

So since winter is pretty much over [knock wood] I thought I ought to sit down and wrap up the seasonal postings.

See, I had an epic and delightful winter – partly due to a jaunt in blissful, picture-perfect Michigan.

And in the early days of January, when there was more snow than snowdrop, a quiet day at my folks became a tromping, snowy adventure to my old elementary school.

Swings were always my favourite part of the playground. They tasted like freedom, with a little danger thrown in the mix.

I even wrote a song about it when I was 6. Something about reaching for the sky, rhyming with “way up high”.

I still love them. I used visit playgrounds every once and again to rekindle that aerial joy, but not often. Some parents are really freaked out by lone grown-ups on the swings. Go figure.

So, while on this idyllic suburban outing to a deserted school yard, I seized the opportunity to complete #22 : Play on a swingset and remember how awesome it is

And awesome is absolutely the best word to describe the afternoon. Silliness and fresh air and hopeful innocent adventures are by far the best way to kick off a New Year.

I hadn’t giggled so much in a long time.

Totally worth it.

Also, in case you were wondering, swinging while weighted down by heavy wellies is an excellent, excellent workout for the quads.


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