Meet Ollie

Our family is growing.

(No. NO. Calm down. There is no bun in this oven. Promise. Unless you mean cinnamon buns. Then you’d be right.)

We just have this habit, ever since we started dating many moons ago, of naming things.

The first gift I ever gave Bean was a fern. He named it Cornelius.

Sadly, he is no longer with us (Cornelius, not Bean) (I am really, really bad with plants), but the tradition of sentimental naming has stuck.

We don’t name everything (we are not crazy). Just special things.

Like inflatable paper penguins tucked inside far away suitcases.

And sourdough starters that always need feeding.

And sometimes, even a plate.

Things that can be anthropomorphized (yes. it is a word. a good one too).

Objects that we love.

Is it a little weird? Yes (though possibly not as weird as my seeming addiction to parentheses today…).

But I swear on my mother, in the dead of night a hot water bottle with a name is more cuddly and comforting than you thought a piece of corrugated rubber could be. She is a saviour (but too tatty for this impromptu photo call).

Anyway, like I said, our little family is growing.

Here is the newest addition.

His name is Ollie.

Short for Oliver. Also Known As the Jellybean. And regularly hailed as “Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!” on soon-t0-be roadtrip carpe diems.

He is going on his first adventure this weekend.

I think it’s fair to say we are both excited.


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