Hello, Monday

It’s a dreary Monday morning.

It hasn’t rained for one day out of the last, I don’t know, fifteen? I’ve lost count.

A blustery haar is rolling across the city and I am loath to separate myself from my pjs.

Haar: an excellent word. Imagine outside looks deeply foggy. Imagine that fog is actually lowlevel cloud, each misty particle an infinitesimally tiny raindrop, and 30 seconds of exposure in this soupy haze is akin to being caught in a downpour. It is magical. And moody. Also, v. wet.

So, we begin at the beginning.

Fresh crusty soda bread, hot from the oven and buttered to within an inch of its life.

OJ for health.

And a huge mug of milky tea.

Soothing. Gentle. Hearty.

The perfect pick-me-up.

Now flip open that notebook. Make the To Do List. Begin that project. And rock on.


What do you think?

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