Things I Like — Sara/Sara

My name in the US is bland. Overly popular in the 80s, it trundles along unremarked except the very occasional with an H? Brits, though, especially the posh ones, upon seeing my written name query is it Sara or Sah-ra? Both vowels uniform, like Princess Zara. Or Italian beauty, cara. I like this glamorous doppelgänger. … Continue reading


Oh, Britannia!

We leave in three days. The bags are packed, the tickets bought. The visa is stamped, the car is sold. It is time. While I never expected a wild rushing summer of family politics and working remotely, we’ve covered thousands of miles of country and had countless hugs along the way. Ten weeks ago we … Continue reading

The Holiday Spirit : Music

In my ongoing quest to encapsulate our varying British and American Christmas experiences, I’m mulling on seasonal songs. There is nothing that says Christmas to me so much as carols and festive tunes. There is a great tradition, both classical and pop, in both our adopted countries, and it always amazes me that nary the … Continue reading

The Holiday Spirit

While Christmas is constantly bemoaned as overly commercial and increasingly homogenous, I still thrill at little peculiarities, personal traditions, and culture clashes when it comes to St. Nick. I’m not the first, of course. May I strongly suggest you listen to David Sedaris muse on Christmas traditions, particularly in the Netherlands. 6 to 8 Black … Continue reading

Light Travels in August

I am currently in Kyrgyzstan – midway through my three-legged August. First, we went to an island in the English Channel for some Shakespeare. It’s a National Trust property, and an excellently English summer evening. Adorable. By the time you are reading this, I am probably camping with sheep some 4,000 miles above sea-level. Google … Continue reading