Thirty: My decade of being late.

So I’ve been pretty terrible at the whole Thirty Things malarkey.

I’m not super fussed, mostly because it’s got me blogging again and brough lots of other adventures and stories my way.

[Plus, I am secretly rather gleeful that I am shedding my hyper-retentive OCD list abiding ways. It was exhuasting.]

And I haven’t done that badly. I’ve hit the halfway mark (despite being 2/3rds down on the clock and not yet telling you about them all…), and  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one of them.

I have completely overachieved on a couple too. I’ve seen four beautiful new cities instead of one, and made precisely one million more recipes than I have bothered to count.

I have also read far more books than 11, but anything serendipitous, new, or at least new to me, doesn’t count. This list is meant for the I-have-always-wanted-to-and-never-quite-got-around-to-it books. I am thinking Rebecca may be the perfect harbinger of autumn as my final tome…

[PS, if you are surprised in the slightest that food, books and travel ranked highest on my priority list I am not sure we can be friends.]

Some Things though, some have been trouble.

Who knew it was so hard to compliment strangers?

I mean, I notice a hundred marvellous things a day – stuff that knocks my socks off. Someone’s amazing smile, a killer pair of shoes, an excellent burger. But I feel these should be new compliments. Being nice to the diner waitress or making polite chit chat at a party don’t really count. It needs to be full-on, blind sided complimentary lightning. The sort that turn grey skies blue.

I’ve succeeded a couple of times, but more often than not my choice target is on the phone or juggling babies across a crowded intersection or something. And much as I want to be nice (and win this stupid challenge I’ve set myself), I really don’t want toddler blood on my hands.

Sailing on the other hand, sailing is just expensive. Especially when I am drooling over ships like this. Despite my best intentions, my very well budgeted brain may win out and sailing will be relegated to a different year. I am sure I won’t enjoy it any less.

Also, I dread going without sugar and bread. I’ve been putting it off for months, but it’s definitely time. My food issues are only getting worse and I am starting to suspect gluten.

I refuse to live without pumkpkin cookies or Christmas stuffing, however, despite my protesting innards. Maybe I can survive the holiday glut and make it a New Year’s resolution?


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