Things I Learned Today

When I was kid, we’d sit down to dinner and my dad would ask me What did you learn at school today?

When closing up my pop-up dining table office, I often ask myself the same question. Habit I guess.

Today was a day for research and scoping at work, and domesticated nothings at home.

In the process, I unearthed these unexpected gems.

I. Only 30% of people on the internet (some 2 billion) speak English.

II. America publishes more scientific research papers than any other country. China comes second.

III. Michigan makes a lot of wine in its vineyards.

IV. Lamps are needed by 4pm at the end of October in Edinburgh.

V. Team JFK made a snazzy jingle back in his campaigning days.

VI. There are 7 types of sugar in my cupboard. Seven. And that’s not even including jam or custard powder or chocolate bars or marshmallows or anything. Just sugars and honeys (honies?).

Can I call these gems? I think I can pretty confidently claim they are not imbuing you with any collective wisdom.

They are maybe more like ring pops. Sort of great for the first thirty seconds, mostly due to novelty, but mostly useless and almost even a little gross pretty soon there after. I mean, who wants sticky jewellery which ensnares unsuspecting wispy hairs?

And seriously. How much sugar can one gal need? (Don’t answer that.)

3 Responses to “Things I Learned Today”
  1. Dappled says:

    I am trying so hard to eliminate sugar – we are terrible in our house – no chocolate, no nothing. I have resorted to hot juice. HOT JUICE.


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