A Delectable, Decadent Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that gets better with age.

As its very foundation is nostalgic (and like many good stories, tinged with dubious historical accuracy), this feels fitting.

I have indoctrinated a vast swathe of Europeans to concept, and now I know of at least two satellite Thanksgivings hosted by friends and family who aren’t even American. Long live cultural imperialism?

Wait, no. I draw the line at Black Friday. That  is one tradition I do not miss. Shocking. I know.

Anyway, I am hella busy with a million and one uninteresting things. Like packing boxes. And filing tax returns. It’s ugly.

So here are some of the best seasonal sweet treats which will be gracing my table in the week to come. None of these photos are mine by the way, I haven’t even started slaving in the kitchen.But when I do, you bet your sweet ass it’ll be worth it.

There will be a bird, but I see no point in giving yet another version of clean it, baste it, roast it, eat it. It will, however, be accompanied by some special Thanksgiving compatriots – most of them desserts. Are you surprised?

Stuffing is the best apart of any meal (apart from breakfast, and even then I’ll sometimes make an exception). Especially when it involves sausage, and my mom’s secret ingredient, wild rice. It’ll be something like this: Cornbread Dressing with Sausage and Apples


The obligatory leftovers, with a new lease on life will become an amazing, soft, gentle  Coconut, Sweet Potato Curry

Followed by some (guilt-free-due-to-their-miniscule-stature) pumpkin pie inspired bites.


… and the Midwestern loveliness of buckeye balls:


Plus a fancy pants cake, just in case of emergencies. You know, cake related emergencies. They are very dangerous.


It will be a feast for Kings.

And then we finally go see James Bond. We are so busy I can’t even be on the ball with my cinema going. Tragic.

Is Tuesday too soon for pre-holiday-weekend partying?

I think not.

Let’s start with a round of these...


What do you think?

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