The Holiday Wishlist

Our hybrid holiday continues with treats and tunes and traditions from both our fair nations.

Though, sourcing my Americano snackage is always a struggle.

While it’s not impossible to get import goods — the Mexican deli runs a good trade in Reeces and flavoured popcorn, and the fancy department store stocks bourbon and poptarts in their Foods of the World boutique — to get them for  decent price is like infiltrating Fort Knox.

The new “American Candy Shop” on the high street (yes, that is its real name) sells a box of Lucky Charms for about $14, a Tootsie Pop for more than $1.  It’s highway robbery I tell you.

So we are asking Santa for some holiday staples to keep the festive season bright

The Bean Christmas [Food] List

Maple Syrup


Red Hots

Graham Crackers

Taco Sauce

Peanut Butter Chips

Flourescent wreath cookies, fireside s’mores, and Boxing Day pancakes, here we come!

[Did you spot the rogue item? Quesedillas may not be firm Christmas favourites, but they are perfect for quick, warming lunches after snowy treks. Trust me.]

Here’s hoping Santa brings your favourite treats to the party this winter.

One Response to “The Holiday Wishlist”
  1. greggo says:

    Great list….great ideas….since you all have moved your apartment where would those of generous heart and brimming beneficence send such items gastronomique?


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