Receiving Notes from Mythical Women IX: Selkies

My poem this morning, from the lovely Morning and Other Stories…

Morning, and Other Stories.

Today’s Note from a Mythical Woman comes from under the sea from the Selkies, and is sent in by Sara Grady.

Sara lives in Scotland, where she writes the brilliant blog Que Sera, Sara? You can buy a book with one of her short stories in it (go on!) here.



when tempests catch in your throat

and your skin is knit too tight.

sister, remember.


Salt-sweet songs gnash

‘tween your silken threads

Unravel thy self.

Recognise the tide for what it is.


The witching hour approaches


From the secret shelf

unearth the ribbon’d box;

on the dusty floorboards

spread mercurial moonlight


unfurl the cool waters of welcome, and

slip silver nightsong over your head.


Alone you are called to the sea


Can you bark at the night and know God?


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