5 Things I Require

After much contemplation, I have arrived at five things my future life must hold:   I: Hills     Michigan is many things, but its central plain is ungodly flat. The hard dolomite under the area has made a basin impervious to even glacial sculpting it seems. While the rest of the state and region … Continue reading


The Broad Art Museum

I can be a total snob. I don’t mean to, and rarely is it malicious, but my judgmental streak pops out sometimes when I lease expect it. My prejudices must delight in surprising me. They are so damn good at it. ~ Yesterday, Bean and I went to the gallery. We used to do such … Continue reading

Michigan’s Winter Wonderland

All of a sudden winter is here. Last week we took a break from life-altering debates and financial planning to explore northern Michigan. And on a whim, Bean decided it was high time we saw the UP. What’s that you say? What in heavens name is the UP? The UP is Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to … Continue reading