Ten Things I Did Not Know I Would Love About Chicago


  1. The sailboats ambling by the end of our road

  2. The distant rumble of trains reminding me of the hurtling city a few miles down of the line

  3. Drag Performance Debates

  4. The big yellow school bus that stops on our leafy street

  5. The sunpatch-cum-mini-patio at the top of our fire escape

  6. The inspiring homeless guy I met the other day

  7. Freshly baked Lebanese pita from our local market

  8. Politeness from the most unexpected people (namely, everyone on public transport)

  9. Some awesome charities

  10. (so far) the big, fat, extreme weather


2 Responses to “Ten Things I Did Not Know I Would Love About Chicago”
  1. esqwearsprada says:

    I miss the sailboats so much


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