My Office

For the first time, I have my own office.

I am so excited to have my own work space. I usually end up in a bullpen style open plan office when I’m working for clients and I cannot wait to Get Things Done somewhere quiet.

But I’m nervous, too. I’ve not been office-bound for years. I’ve got my work-from-home rhythm down and don’t want to lose sight of all I’ve learned in being my own boss.

So I want to make sure this little room feels like mine. That it is somewhere I can think big thoughts and feel comfortable.

Right now there is a name plaque on the door and fuck-off huge oak desk.

…and not much else. Unless you count a zillion years of files which shall be relegated to archival storage in the basement shortly.

So I’ve been spending my lunch breaks daydreaming about the sort of space I can really settle into. Somewhere I can be productive and inspired.

So far my wishlist includes:

office collage


[1] the Holstee Mindful Living Calendar. A beautiful letterpress card with a special quote for each month of the year. I splurged on this as a Christmas present to myself. I love it.


[2] Soft, warm things to feel cozy on dark winter afternoons, like these Anthropologie pillows


[3] Proper art for my bare white walls. Something bright and cheerful, perhaps even something Chicago themed like these posters from Free Vintage


[4] Something fun to give me perspective on long days of spreadsheets, and something fresh which helps me be mindful of the world outside. These DIY dinosaur planters from Ever So Juliet fit the bill perfectly.


Photos taken from the links above, aren’t they amazing? I’m going to rock this joint.

One Response to “My Office”
  1. You so are going to rock that joint. And with such style!


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