Things I Like — Cookbooks

A cookery book tastes of possibility. Things I might make, combinations new to my palate. Imagining I am the sort of person who will concoct  a Middle Eastern themed dinner party for 12 with just the right terracotta (Actually, Polish blue tableware.) to make table.

But more than that, they come with a voice, a co-conspirator on this plane of existence which lauds mulling over marinades and a indulges a special language of graceful gluttony.

Cookbooks must, however, be beautiful and have pictures. A cookbook that is not itself an article worth devouring does to treat the kitchen with enough respect.

2 Responses to “Things I Like — Cookbooks”
  1. I also love cookbooks that have sentimental value, like cookbooks from places I’ve visited or the one from the cooking class I took at the local electric company when I was in fourth grade or those great church fundraising cookbooks that are collections of families’ treasured recipes. Old cookbooks are also pretty interesting and mysterious (i.e., what the heck is a No. 2 can?)


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