Things I Like — Libraries

I could spout for 10,000 words about my love of libraries.

I’ve previously waxed poetic on their impromptu operas, their clandestine art, their conservation efforts.

And words. Always words.

But in the age of filter bubbles — where my menu of options is predicated on my past behaviors, choices and social network imprints — I like an anonymous, old-fashioned room in which I can browse unhindered by the stigma of my perceived preference.

Where I can stumble and fall freely in love with information and ideas on a whim and at random.

What a blessing.

2 Responses to “Things I Like — Libraries”
  1. I love libraries too. But I also adore browsing bookstores — so many delicious, new books!


    • smgrady says:

      True! Bookshops are special places, and my weaknesses abound their too. But they can’t quite replace the free, egalitarian nature of library-as-civic-space which I so admire.


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