A smattering of autumn

I am a creature of beginnings. Of mornings and hello!s and fresh starts. Of new places and new combinations.

The excitement of fresh projects and somedays always outweighs the pedantry of proofreading, don’t they?

But in the final sigh of summer, in a year with a great deal of New already, I’m calling time out.

I’m glad to have had a big season of excitement. I am thrilled with my proposals and starry sky ideas. I love that I could keep having more of them forever and a day and never get bored.

But there is a longer-term hunger, older and wiser than boredom.

I may not like the slog, but I do like finished.

I want to look back at this year and have created and published and made (and dreamed too, just not only dreamed).

Feels right in this season of canning and harvesting and hunkering preparations. It’s time to sharpen my tools and get down to brass tacks.


What do you think?

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