Winter has come

Winter has finally arrived. While later than usual, I still welcome the stillness such wild weather brings. Slipping on seasonal habits and familiar sensations like clothes brought of out storage. 

My daily walks by Lake Michigan are now deeply solitary, most folk avoiding the icy sea spray and blistering burn of thighs chaffed by frozen denim. I rather like the quiet and (temporary) cold: brisk and blood-quickening. I like too such wide aloneness at lunchtime. A new shared office is taking some adjustment. 

And now I sit on a crowded bus collecting twin puddles beneath my chair, wiping condensation off the glass to see the glitter of city lights flicker by, glad I drank the quiet and light when I had the chance.

One Response to “Winter has come”
  1. I hear you re: brisk walks in the cold. It is quite exhilarating! 🙂


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