Small Mercies

It’s been a tough fall. Tough schedule, tough travel, challenging projects (in mostly good ways), tough politics, tough times. 

But today I had such a rush of pleasure from the littlest things. 

That I needed the car and my loving spouse was willing to take the train (which he hates) and that we live in a city where there are reliable public transport options, and have a neighborhood and jobs with good connections for him to do so with ease.

That I so rarely drive these days, and live so close and such a pleasant drive from my own office, that I can’t remember the last time I had to wear my Road-Rage Bite Splint to preserve my gnashing teeth (a twice daily occurance for an hour or two each way in my short stint as an urban commuter).

That in rushing late this morning I had tater tots in a mug (in the cup holder!), which was much better than it sounds, and is now my standard for winter on-the-go fast breaking. 

That strangers still smile and lights still twinkle and birds still soar.

 That tea is delicious and fun songs exist in this world and chilly cheeks feel glorious.

Sometime little pleasures and a tiny prayer of gratitude are just enough to remind me it’s all worth doing. 


What do you think?

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