Summer creeps and leaps to life all out of order. And never quite what I expect. 

Yesterday was summer because I could see the residual flush of a long sunny walk the day before in my skin. 

Today is summer because I bite into leftover corn on the cob straight from the fridge, with its satisfying apple crunch, it’s juicy sweet pops of tommy-gun summer in my mouth.

Tomorrow is uncertain. A surprising late spring torrent can feel like November. But it might be strawberries and brambles and ivy covered walks. It might be sparkling morning surf and shady nooks. Aye, it might. 

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  1. SR says:

    My sunburnt and poison-oak-patched skin snugly and itchy under a woolly sweater in the current 45 degreesF here attests to a, likewise, early and unpredictable encounter with summer’17.
    Enjoy the random.


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