Opening Ceremonies & Isolationism

The Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympics was a delight. From beginning to end, the game designers, producers and International Olympic Committee united to attempt something truly ambitious and profound. Instead of focusing the Ceremony on the home country, a long-standing tradition of glorious patriotism – as seen in London 2012 – and extravagant pageantry … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, America

I stand in my kitchen, stirring fresh lemonade with a wooden spoon. I sing cheesy Americana anthems in my acoustically perfect bathroom.     I read State by State and remember the smells of home and the dusty charms of the Midwest.     Maybe you make flag-themed foods. Or opt into a pick-up game. … Continue reading

The Ultimate American

Any college student’s semester-abroad blog will acquaint you with the funny words, confusing idioms and quaintness that surrounds much of British culture. Ooh – wellies! Hehe – lorry! Oh the biscuit-cookie confusion, and chip-crisp conundrum. How delightful. I make light, but there are subtle linguistic differences I still haven’t fathomed after eight years. The culture … Continue reading