On Your Marks

I am getting ready to be 30. Which is lame and uninteresting to the naked eye, I grant you.

But I, in my extremely eccentric version of wisdom, have decided it is actually quite special. I am going to make it special. By doing 2 things, which I’ll tell you about later.

In the meantimes and inbetween times, I am blogging and trying to be the person I want to be instead of the one I was starting to turn into (more on that anon too, dear reader).

And the person I want to be is:

  • Someone who has fun every single day
  • Someone who takes risks
  • Someone who laughs all the time
  • Someone who is dependable and connected to wonderful , supportive people
  • Someone who reads and writes and thinks a lot
  • Someone who is an absolute idiot and not ashamed of it. (This last one is very important.)

This log of my year’s exploits is to be an old fashioned quest log. Like Lewis  & Clarke. Or Marco Polo.  It’s notes on a new terrain, and probably some digressions about my encounters along the way.

Roughly, I’ll tell you about how I am getting on with my tasks and probably a bunch of other unrelated things (which I like to refer to as Extra Credit) including but not limited to:

  • Beaches
  • Food
  • Lightening
  • Gardens
  • Postcards
  • Stationary
  • Bad DIY
  • Doing things I am way too old for but like anyway
  • Ridiculously true and unbelievable things that happen to my family. Seriously. They are insane. Awesome, but insane.

Also, as may be abundantly clear already, I am rather obsessed with making lists. So there will probably be some of those too.

So there you go. Welcome to my world. It’s under construction. Please pardon the mess.


What do you think?

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