Thirty Things

In all probability, I will live forever.

The women in my family are made of some rare mixture.

They lived into their 90s even in the 18th & 19th Cs. Back when people died of colds. When there were no antibiotics. When one in five women could die in childbirth. When the estimated average life expectancy was 40.

I don’t quite know what genes kept them sound (if I did I’d sell it for millions) but it’s probably a blend of stoic farm stock, absolute stubbornness, exceedingly clever minds, busy bee lifestyles and kryptonite. Whatever it is, it is working.

If they lived that long under such conditions and assuming I don’t fall under a bus anytime soon, I may well be in for a long ride.

Given my liberal esimates and totally made up math, I figure I am 25% dead already.

Which is as good a reason as any for a check-up.

I’m about to be thirty, see. A nice round number. It’s time to take stock.

As part of my year in review, I’ve made a list (I have a habit of doing that).

A Thirty Things Action Plan: Thirty Things To Do Before I Am Thirty (or more likely considering that’s 6 months away, Thirty Things To Do Before  I Am Done Being Thirty).

I have 18 months to do all the things on this list. Because they are the sorts of things I want to be doing, and I may as well start now.


What do you think?

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