Thirty Things Update II

I have been remiss.

I started this blog to ostensiby track my Thirty Things for Thirty Years project.

I’m just over six months in, which by my reckoning means the sand in the hourglass has gone down by a third.

I haven’t mentioned anything about this whole shebang in ages, what with international travel and an explosion of recipes [in my defence, both of these play a part in the list – I just wasn’t explicit about it at the time. I’ll do better, promise.]

So, here is the round-up of project life so far…


Visit one city I have never been to before

A week in Sharjah, UAE – not only a new city, but a new country and even a new continent. Check and double check.


Make six beautiful things

Well, there was Edgar, and the Halloween decorations, plus some secret Christmas projects, to be revealed shortly.


Hold a baby at least once


[Can you tell how happy this makes me?]

[Don’t answer that.]


Do ten cartwheels

I’ve done 5 so far.  Once, I even did two in a row. It hurt. Turns out my wrists are not as supple and flexible as they used to be. I won’t make that mistake again.


Read eleven books I’ve always been curious about

5. Pride  & Prejudice, Jane Austen. I always wondered if it would age as I did. It seemed like that sort of book, even when I was 14. So, I tried it again. 15 summers later [this time in my own garden rather than the back of my parents’ car]. I wasn’t wrong.  Better crafted, more fun, leaner, meaner and with an entirely different version of romance than I remember [ps, how did I never notice Lizzy is a total bitch at the end?]

6. Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi. A long time lingerer on the “To Read” shelf. I tried once years ago and abandoned it half way through in fear and shock. Who knew cartoons could be so raw? This time around I am prepared – and bring a fresh perspective to the narrative given my own recent adventures. It is just as good as they all said. 


Barbecue and picnic sixteen times this summer

We did. It was awesome. Especially the times we took a hot pot of pasta out to the garden and ate it straight from the bowl as we watched the sun set.


Learn to make twenty new recipes

Have tried 15 so far, to varying degrees of success. Some you may have missed includeHomemade GIANT Pop-Tarts, Courgette Muffins and Navajo Flatbreads. More will be forthcoming. 

I’ve also waved to some kids on buses [#25] and learned a handful of words in Arabic [#29].

I’ve even written a few short stories [#15], but none of them very good.

I’ve been busy. I imagine the winter will be even more so.

And Santa, if you are out there, I could do with some help on #21. Weekend Sailing Lessons are not cheap.


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