Homemade Christmas Part I: Snowflakes

While Scotland is wild, blustery, wet and cold, there is almost never snow*.

So, Homemade Christmas 2011 started with making our own.

The recipe: paper, scissors and some simple geometry (don’t cringe).

The most important thing in avoiding wonky flakes? Snowflakes naturally have 6 identical branches.

Start by origamiing (yes, it is a word. thank you.) your paper to cut all 6 prongs at once.

Easy peasy.

How do you do that? I hear you ask.

Well, I could try and explain it (awkwardly at best), but may I suggest you use Vintage Junky’s lovely template until you get the hang of the proportions?

There are also more patterns here but I figure, once you’ve got the method down, why not freestyle like a pro?

Who knows what awesomeness you will create?


* Yes, almost never with the snow in Edinburgh. We’ll maybe get a couple inches a year.

Except last year.

Last year we had a week of really strong snowfall( like a metre deep).

Everyone FREAKED out. The world literally stopped turning in these parts.

And the government ran out of road salt and had to have a literal boat load shipped from Peru.

As in an actual boat came into harbor with it one day.

It was intense.

One Response to “Homemade Christmas Part I: Snowflakes”
  1. Anika says:

    Those look beautiful!


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