I spent the summer I turned twelve doing four things: reading, keeping a journal of every book I read and film I saw, practicing my violin, and mowing the lawn while belting show tunes (secretly dreaming I’d be discovered by a talent agent over the drone of the mower). The summer I turned twelve I … Continue reading

Things I Like — Quiet

True quiet is elusive prey. I welcome precious afternoons too warm for clicking radiators, just cool enough the fridge isn’t humming and the fans and air conditioners are unneeded. The nights I can luxuriously leave my phone in the living room, requiring no alarm and the attendant, incessant electrical buzz in the dark. In Edinburgh … Continue reading

The Broad Art Museum

I can be a total snob. I don’t mean to, and rarely is it malicious, but my judgmental streak pops out sometimes when I lease expect it. My prejudices must delight in surprising me. They are so damn good at it. ~ Yesterday, Bean and I went to the gallery. We used to do such … Continue reading

The Hermitage Anew

This morning I went for a walk through the Hermitage. I often do when I’m feeling hemmed in and cranky. I’ve probably walked it a hundred times. This little woodland nature reserve, replete with babbling stream and mossy Hobbiton-esque rocks, has been my reprieve ever since I moved to this city. It’s my perfect mix … Continue reading

The Beginning of Goodbye

I have been delinquent, but dear reader, I have cause! After all my fussy griping and limbo doldrums, Life has moved into the fast lane. So fast, in fact, I can’t be warbling on the internet this morning as there are far too many things to be doing which are super uninteresting but Very Important. … Continue reading

Poetry Season

In America and Canada it is National Poetry Month. And in that lovely, internet-erly world of camaraderie and social campaigning, it is also National Poetry Writing Month, or NaPoWriMo to the nerds among you (e.g., me). Some members of my family are taking the expedition to heart, and it’s filled my world with lots of … Continue reading

Lost in the graveyard

I will look fondly back at many things about Edinburgh; but I am certain I will miss her graveyards something fierce. There is something old and worldly about the cemeteries here. They are often ragged, with more stones lying down than standing erect. They crumble and fade in a way that’s romantic and sad; like … Continue reading

A smattering of things

Do you ever have those days where you wake up foreboding some unknown trouble? Despite a whole week of sunshine, enough sleep (for once) and the first faint whiff of Spring, today I was up at dawn on a professional-grade worry streak. So I’m calling time out. No doctor’s anxiety. No weekend overtime. No wedding … Continue reading

Darkness & Light

Today, 21 December 2012, in Edinburgh the sun will come up at 8:42am. It will go down at 3:40pm. According to people who know such things, I will have 6 hours, 54 minutes and 33 seconds of day. It is easy to feel panicky this time of year. With shopping and parties and frantic getting-ready-ness. … Continue reading

The Purge

In a couple of weeks I will live in the New House. (Can we say “Yay!”?) Of course, in Edinburgh, new is a relative term. The New Town was designed in the 18th Century. The University’s New College is the quintessential example of the Victorian gothic-revival. And my New House is far away from both. … Continue reading