Edinburgh’s downsides

Culture shock is an odd thing.

Especially when travelling between places I know so well. Indeed, the places that have shaped me.

Usually I come back thrilled to be somewhere so cultured. So liberal. I miss candy corn and graham crackers and thank my stars tv has so few commercials.

This time? Not so much.

It’s still awesome, but I’m sort of over moody, bruise-coloured skies.

I want sunshine and open roads.

In an effort to understand this odd dislike of my adopted home and new-found irksomeness (not a word, you say? it is now!), I started thinking about all the things I associate with here.

A diagram of the things it represents for me right now:


Pros Cons
World Class Expensive
Verdant Rainy
Beautiful Hard & stoney
Atmospheric Dirty
Complexly Layered Claustrophobic
Friendly Scots So much drinking
Walkable Impossible to park
It’s rousing pride Sport & Religion based violence

I have no further insights. This is a thought in progress.

But Edinburgh, I think our Honeymoon period is over.


What do you think?

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