Festive Food & Drink

So I know December is so totally over.

But life is busy.

[What?! you say. BUSY?! you say. well, it is. I’m busy organising this kettle of fish if you must know]

Without further ado, Homemade Christmas, the next installment.

Almost all of our gifts included some element of edibles. Here is a selection:

fruit vinegar

Steeped from blackberries we gleaned from the headgerows [warning: idyllic? yes. gentle? no. wear mits. those briars hurt like a mother. we bled for you, people. bled.]

Plus, framboise labels taken from Graphics Fairy’s delectable treasure trove of free downloadable vintage artwork. One of many appearance by my old friend, decoupage.

signature recipe jars

These  took much experimentation and testing. Which I like to hope was in preparation for my future diner as well as holiday gifts.

I received a lovely cookie jar once and these are a hearty, winter alternative. Wish I had some venison and black bean stew myself just now actually…

Skittles vodka

Is as simple to make as you might think, and tastes just like you imagine.

A novelty item if nothing else – and mostly because it was a hilarious [if irreverent and sacrileigious] option for my brother.

How often can one gift a vial of holy water that glows like TMNT radioactive goo?

cranberry gin

A more sensible gift, in more sensible vessels. And very tasty too.

If only it didn’t take so long to steep, I’d make it all the time.

On second thought, it’s probably better this way actually.


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