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So I’m not one for advert blogging, but this is story is worth sharing.

bmi are [have been] giving away free flights.

Yesterday, on their social media pages, they released clues about certain locations across Belfast and Edinburgh [I think they’re also doing Manchester and London later, too].

In short: solve the clue, and the first three people to each site win a pair of tickets – to anywhere bmi fly.

Easy, no?

So when Edinburgh’s fourth clue of the day was released:

@flybmi: #4 Edinburgh: Some of Tutankhamun’s friends will be taking residence here in February #150ticketgiveaway

I knew immediately. It was none other than my favourite haunt, the National Museum of Scotland [I am incidentally, very excited about the upcoming Mummy exhibition].

Convenient, too, that I was working just up the road.

When my colleague [who had been following the day’s progression of clues with much glee] shouted RUN! how could I disobey?

So run I dutifully did, egged on by the cheerful jibes so perfected by Edinburgh’s construction workers and tourists.

And lo! I was the very first person to arrive and claim my free flights!

Look here is proof:

I know right?

What a stroke of luck.

My victory solitude was short lived however. A girl I vaguely know was not far behind and two lads bolted in after that – I don’t know what they did for the third prize tie-breaker. I’m going to say arm-wrestle.

Then the nice girls from bmi took our names and photos – all of us were more than a little out of breath and giddy. My publicity snap will be charming [and red faced] I’m sure.

…and now I have the terrible burden of deciding where in the world I will henceforth be travelling.

Here is a map of my options:

A historical jaunt to Damascus or Tripoli?

A Scandinavian retreat?

I must say Casablanca holds some appeal… as does the heretofore-unknown-to-me nation of Kyrgyzstan.

What an awesome name. I might go there just to learn how to pronounce it.

I can do that kind of shit. Since, you know, it’s FREE!

Where do you think I should go? I’m taking a poll.

Please, go vote. I’m literally adrift with possibility. And I promise I’ll send you a postcard…

Your lucky son of a gun,


5 Responses to “bmi #150ticketgiveaway”
  1. mandala56 says:

    Since I have no idea where you are now, that would be a hard thing to choose for you. I would be happy to get to anywhere in the British Isles, Switzerland, or Holland.


  2. intrepidtraveller says:

    Go to Ethiopia! Such an amazing country, so rich in history and culture! Oh and the coffee is AMAZING! Well done on the tickets, I’m VERY jealous!


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