Poll: Where in the World?

I won plane tickets from bmi – anywhere they fly.

I’ll tell you all about it over here.

So the big question is…

9 Responses to “Poll: Where in the World?”
  1. Mary Reid says:

    Your love and knowledge of music makes my choice for you———–
    Vienna. Remember the little girl and her violin? She would have dreamed of such a trip.

    Have fun wherever you choose!

    Love, Grammy


  2. throckmorzog says:

    OK. I couldn’t pick just one so I voted for a bunch…Cairo, Bishkek, Moscow, Damascus…anyplace that you would otherwise never consider going. Get all ‘carpe diem’ and ‘when in rome’. No nike trainers, hiltons, or mcdonalds allowed!!


  3. What about Cologne, Germany. I could offer you a sightseeing tour.


  4. James Grady says:

    Zurich all the way. Clean city, historic yet modern. Theatre a gogo. Rail and air hub.They also have a currency that is stable.

    With Southern Insights,


  5. Claire Hilditch says:

    I am more jealous than I can possibly say and almost, in spite, tried to send you to Norwich. But instead I (seemingly) went with popular opinion and suggested Marrakech, but only if you then leave Marrakech and go stay here: http://www.kasbahdutoubkal.com/treks/index.html?gclid=CInv3YHX5K0CFVMntAodJWnrVA
    Because it is lovely. You will sip mint tea surrounded by mountains, and see many many stars, and try out the hammam and be served lovely food and go on donkey treks, if you wish. Do it.


  6. Emily says:

    My husband and I have a dear friend who is currently on a PeaceCorps assignment in Azerbaijan. He has so far managed to only post pictures of mud pots and very large terrifying spiders to his blog and facebook. Based on this limited information, I would vote for taking it OFF the poll. Large and Terrifying Arachnids make for less fun use of free travel in my opinion.


  7. Megan Marod says:

    Is say Norway – but that’s just me wanting to see the Northern Lights!


  8. big greggo says:

    Oh so hard…my original and impulsive thought was…a mummy delivered for u so to egypt u must go….but upon deeper reflection nice france and vienna were tied so i flipped a coin ..vienna wan ..the birthplace of great music and fantastic cocktail sausages…destiny.

    Congrats sara!


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